What is King for Another Day?

SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament is an event in which characters battle it out to become the host of SiIvaGunner for a day! It’s the sequel to last year’s King for a Day Tournament, but with double the roster size, and double the excitement! The 32 characters will range from famous video game icons, to cartoon characters, and even real life musicians and figures, each one bringing their own flair with their variety of audio and music sources. It’s up to the viewers to push for what they want to hear!

As the tournament progresses, original musical arrangements for every fighter will be uploaded to SiIvaGunner for your listening pleasure. If you like the sound of a certain fighter, you can vote for them once voting opens for their matchup! The winner of each individual match is decided by popularity vote, and will move on to the next round of the bracket, while the loser is defeated. This time around, however, there will be a loser’s bracket! This means that fighters who meet their end early can still have a chance to come back. Their fates lie in your hands, so make sure you vote responsibly!

Only one victor can reign over all. Once a winner is decided, they will receive their own respective event day, filled with high-quality rips based on their assigned source list! Unlike the first King for a Day, all four of the finalists will get a group project prize, including the king! More information about these prizes will be revealed once the tournament has ended.

The SiIvaGunner: King For Another Day Tournament commences this fall. Stay tuned to this website for updates, character info, and more!