A Bonus Announcement

*A slow day at Studio Gunner, filming on Woodyana Stones is going on while HyperCam and Meowth are looking through storage.*


So it looks like we need that treasure chest prop and some fake rocks.

Unregistered HyperCam 2

man I camt beleev we were put on prop duty this sux :-(


Yeah, but with the interviews all over and whatnot, we gotta take whatever jobs we can get.

*HyperCam removes one of the props and finds an active computer running Windows XP.*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

o hey its my computer I 4got where I put this lmao


This thing sure is dusty, (*Cough, Cough*) how on Earth is it even still on?!

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Poison Jam vs Rapid 99

DJ Professor K

Alright folks, time to cut to commercial. Hey, even a pirate radio station needs to make money somehow! We’ll be right back!

DJ Professor K

I’ght y’all! Mic’s off- hm?

*K checks a buzz coming from his pocket, taking out an old flip-phone and checking it*

DJ Professor K

Aw nice, hey Corn! Be on the lookout for me, we got another gang that’s aboudda be here.

Sounds good to me.

…So, as I was saying before K went to the mic, Poison Jam is not just simply a group of nobodies. We have a strong belief in ourselves; we’re nobodies and we own it. Every single member has been discarded by the world, shunned from the streets of Tokyo-To for one reason or another, and together we form a bond stronger than that of any other ga-

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The Polka Parodist Pops In!

DJ Professor K

JET SET RADIOOOO! This is DJ Professor K, and my man “Weird Al” Yankovic just came by the studio. Welcome to the studio, brother!

Thanks, glad to be here! Y’know, this studio reminds me of my days working on channel 62.

DJ Professor K

So Al, where’ve ya been since the tournament ended?

Oh y’know, around. I decided to visit some of the places that the contestants were from: Sesame Street, Kongo Bongo, Barkley’s College of Slam, you name it! Though I’ve gotta say, none of ‘em were as memorable as Albuquerque.

DJ Professor K

Damn, not even our own Tokyo-to?

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A Special Visit

DJ Professor K

HEY! I KNOW you ain’t asleep! You can sleep any other day, but not during these beats! JET SET RADIOOOOO!

DJ Professor K

…Ight, mic’s off! Y’all can get back to chatting.


Yoohoo! I love this track, cut it up!


Oh knock it off, hairball. We’ve cut it up for the past 12 tracks! We’re gonna run out of boom AND hearing before the day’s even over!

The beat gets a little more into it, and it clicks in Gum’s head what song is on.


…shiiiieeeet, this track? Never mind, max it the funk out, K!

DJ Professor K

Ha-ha! You got it G!

*Thud Thud*

Something is hitting the entrance door.

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Stop Playing Mind Games

Yo pops, you’ve been running this stream for a while now. You sure you don’t need a break?

DJ Professor K

I’ve been running a 24/7 radio station for years, this channel ain’t nothing different!

You say that, but being awake for this long could most likely cause your mind to play games with you. If you need a quick nap, just let me know.

DJ Professor K

World’s best doctor or not, I just need a quick drink and I should be good to go for the next day and a half!

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DJ Professor K

JET SET RADIOOOO! Ha ha! Comin’ right back at ya live with my man, er, penguin friend, King Dedede!

King Dedede

Well, ya know, it was getting pretty stuffy in my ship. Escargoon, put “Get a bigger ship” on the To-Do List.


Yes, your Majesty.

DJ Professor K

No need to worry ‘bout that! There’s plenty of room here in the good ol’ JSR HQ for you and your snail friend.


It is very nice to be here.

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The Great GG Dance-Off

*The GGs are dancing along to the Radio, all having a great time. Beat lets off a stylish move!*

Yo, you think that was good? Check this out!

*Yoyo does a slick dance before striking a pose. How cool!*

That was ‘ight.

Ayy I like it!

Ight, if you wanna show off check this’n out.

*Combo pops off an amazing dance. Get it, Combo!*

You did good man! Let me take a shot at this.

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DJ Professor K

Hey hey, how you rudies doin’ out there?! Y’all tuning in or WHAT? This is your King for a Day, DJ Professor K!

DJ Professor K

I got my kid doin’ her thing on here today, but did you really think I’d let her take all the fun here on the MOJO? The big K’s got some miiighty fine posts cooking up just for you, so keep those eyes peeled, suckas!

DJ Professor K

But hey, while I got you here, lemme show you around the place!

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DJ Doctor K Presents: Jet Set Sona x King for Another Day

Rev up those engines and get ready to ride, it’s JET SET RADIO! Here with the tunes with more twists and turns than the Kira case!

I’m DJ Doctor K, and my ol’ man let me come out here to help him with his big day as the king! While we’re dealing out these funky tunes, I thought I could come out here to the side to have a special little event for y’all.

Artwork by Coach (@CoachArt_)

Jet Set Sona Challenge and DJ Doctor K created by Kainonaut (@KAINONAUT)

I wanna see your style! Get out there and create something, pick up your pens and hit me with something stronger than a barrage of ora oras! Make some fan art of Jet Set Radio, King for Another Day, or both! You might just get shown off on this very page. That’s right, for the entirety of the 24 Hour Live Stream, I’ll be showing off some posts from you peeps, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates down below!

Want to show off your art? Just post it to twitter and slap on the hashtag #JSSxKfAD! You will be credited with your handle and a link to the post if shown on the Mojo. I recommend putting your creds on the image, too!

That’s all! Get out there and get drawin’, let me see what you got!

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