Jack & Elmo

Hey, how’s it going? He’s Jack, and with his friend Elmo, he’s going to educate the tournament on the magic of octagons! Complete with a stop sign and great tunes, Jack and Elmo will stop at nothing to become the kings of this tournament.

  • Sources
  • YTPMVs of Jack Black, especially clips of his appearances on Sesame Street
  • Rips featuring music from Sesame Street and The Muppets
  • Rips featuring music by Tenacious D or otherwise related to Jack Black
  • Rips related to edutainment games
  • Examples
  • Elmo’s World, Rubber Ducky,
    The Muppet Show theme
  • Tribute, The Metal, Pick of Destiny, songs from Brutal Legend
  • Brain Age, games by Humongous Entertainment, Math Blaster, Mario’s Time Machine
Illustration: Cosmic (@C0smicAscensi0n) and Eevee (@eivuiee)