The Storm


After just a single attack from Unrestrained HyperCam 2… The entirety of Studio Gunner has just been razed to the ground.
King Dedede

Studio Gunner, more like Studio Goner! HEHEHEHEHE!

*Dedede gets bonked on the head with Meowth’s microphone*

This isn’t the time for jokes, you bozo! My friend just completely destroyed the entire studio in one big sweep! Everyone here is in danger, and everyone that’s still in the Gaylord is in danger too! That’s enough sitting around though, I oughta go make myself useful!

*Meowth climbs on top of Metal Ajit Pai*

EVERYONE! Don’t give up! And make sure that HyperCam doesn’t make his way over to the Gaylord Hotel under any circumstances! I-I’m sure we’ll make it out of this!

*Meowth jumps down*

As for me, I’m not nearly as strong as any of the contestants fighting right now. Except for probably HOBaRT…




T-That’s not what I mean! I’m just gonna do the one thing that I am good at: talking!

*Meowth starts running toward the Gaylord*
*Meanwhile, inside of the Gaylord hotel. Everyone has just witnessed what happened on the big projector… Chaos ensues*
Curly Brace

Quote!! I need to get out there and help him!!


I can fight too, I gotta help Johnny!

Diddy Kong

I can’t leave my big buddy alone out there! We need to get out there and help!

*Everyone is making their way to the exit when suddenly… Wobbuffet appears in front of the door!*


*Everyone gets bounced back!*

WOBBA! Wobbuffet… Wobbu-Wobbuffet!


Let us past! Everyone’s in danger! We gotta help!

*A larger and larger mob of people starts to pile up! Wobbuffet is using all of his energy to bounce anyone that’s trying to get outside back*


*Just as Wobbuffet can’t hold everyone back anymore…*


*Cool Meme Team drops in from above!*
Ugandan Knuckles

Do not go outside my bruddas, it is too dangerous. It is not de wae! *click click*

Big Chungus

Don’t worry! I got’cha covered!

*Together, Wobbuffet and the Cool Meme Team form an impenetrable barrier!*
Big Chungus

This’ll hold ’em alwight! Heheheheheh.


Yeah, right! NGAAAAAAAH!!

*Undyne charges at full speed!… and gets bounced back.*

Gnghh, what the hell..!?

*Suddenly, scratching sounds are heard from the door*

Hufff… Pufff… Lemme in!

*Meowth squeezes his way in!*

Ugh… Everyone, Listen to me! They’re all doing their best out there, but you can’t help them! It’s too dangerous!

Count Cannoli

Dangerous? DANGEROUS?! We literally have 2 Satans here! …somehow.






Huh… A-anyways! It doesn’t matter! The only thing that can defeat the crown and bring my buddy back to normal is the MF Like Button! Going outside is not going to help anyone, if you really want to help… Show your support for the MF Like Button!

Curly Brace

If that really is the only way… then we have no choice!! Let’s do our best, for everyone!!



Lil Jon



The GG’s got everyone’s back! Let’s show that old geezer and all the others our support!


I’ll cheer everyone on too!

Cranky Kong

Why does my grandson always have to get into trouble? Eugh… I guess he wouldn’t be a true Kong otherwise! Hehehehe!

Mr. Satan

I could beat this hunk of junk with my eyes closed, but I guess it ain’t a bad idea to let the rookies show their stuff! Gwahahaha!


The Mighty Kamina and Team Dai-Gurren may not be able to fight this time, but with our support, those fighters and that huge button’ll surely stop that cheap party hat!


Let’s show this crown the power of our bonds!

*Hat Kid blows a kiss in support*
Donald McDonald



Well? What are we waiting for! Let’s show some support!


Uh… R-right! You have the support of everyone in CN City!


Okay, everyone! Let’s put all our support into the MF Like Button and end this story once and for all!~

Naxx Guyfieri

Fuck… if we get through this, it’s definitely going in my tinder bio.

Doge Mayer

Wait, you think playing the hero card will be better than the fake cancer story? Damn, this must be good stuff.


As much as I despise Krabs, I’d hate it even more if we had to keep watching this Neptune-forsaken tournament forever.


Tell me about it… If it’s anything to get this silly thing over with, that like button has my support.

Dick Gumshoe

Bean just got out of the hospital to watch this thing with everyone, and now this is all happening. Poor fella. Let’s show them our support, pal!

Mr. Bean

Hohoho. Big camera!

Big Chungus

It’s time to hit em’ with the Chungus!



That’s right! We believe in you! With everyone’s support we might still have a chance to get HyperCam back to normal! It’s time to SMASH THAT MF LIKE BUTTON!

*Everyone is cheering!*