Off the Hook ft. Paruko

After a respectable second place finish in the last tournament, Off the Hook are looking to wow the crowd once more with an encore performance! Marina and Pearl are once again joined by Paruko, bringing her chiptune-rock flair to the stage. With their talents combined, these seaborn superstars are more motivated than ever to claim their turf on the throne once and for all!

  • Sources
  • Rips featuring songs from the
    Splatoon franchise
  • Rips featuring “God of ink”
  • Arrangements done in a Splatoon style
  • Examples
  • Ebb & Flow, The Girl From Inkopolis, Octarmaments, Fly Octo Fly
Individual portraits: PearlMarinaParukoIllustration: Dead Line (@DeddoRain)

Paruko was previously known under the stage name “Glenna Nalira” but has opted to return to using her real name.