The Great GG Dance-Off

*The GGs are dancing along to the Radio, all having a great time. Beat lets off a stylish move!*

Yo, you think that was good? Check this out!

*Yoyo does a slick dance before striking a pose. How cool!*

That was ‘ight.

Ayy I like it!

Ight, if you wanna show off check this’n out.

*Combo pops off an amazing dance. Get it, Combo!*

You did good man! Let me take a shot at this.

*Garam kills it with his dance! No really, the competition is dead!*

Man, y’all are tearing it up!


You not gonna try and top Garam, yo?


Bro I gave up after Combo…

You boys are good, but check it!

*Rhyth rips out a phenomenal dance, timed up to the music of the Radio and everything!!*

Funky, but let me show you what perfection looks like.

*Roboy pulls off the most impressive dance the group has ever seen, possible only for a robot to do correctly!*

God bless, yeah you win Roboy.

Maaan you took me out real quick, huh?

What can I say, being the best just comes naturally.

Ruff ruff! Ruff!

Aww, you wanna try dancing too Potts?

*Potts retaliates with a serious bark.*


*Potts hits the dance floor and starts to bust a move. The crowd goes silent as the dog shows up every previous move and then some…*

*Potts doesn’t even begin to let up! His moves are so crazy Combo passed out! Are you guys seeing this?!*


*Good heavens, how is this dog doing it?! Amazing!*

Ruff ruff, ruff!

*Potts finishes his god-like dance with a wild pose! The GGs are left bewildered and can do nothing but clap*

My god…

*The stoic and serious Corn falls to his knees after witnessing the dance, tears in his eyes*

Bzzt! b-bzz !bzztt tzztzz!!


Oh no, Roboy is short-circuiting!

I think Imma be the next one to faint…


Yo hang in here, I gotchu bro.

*The day continues on as normal soon after everyone recovers from witnessing the life-changing dance. If only this post had pictures…*