DJ Doctor K Presents: Jet Set Sona x King for Another Day

Rev up those engines and get ready to ride, it’s JET SET RADIO! Here with the tunes with more twists and turns than the Kira case!

I’m DJ Doctor K, and my ol’ man let me come out here to help him with his big day as the king! While we’re dealing out these funky tunes, I thought I could come out here to the side to have a special little event for y’all.

Artwork by Coach (@CoachArt_)

Jet Set Sona Challenge and DJ Doctor K created by Kainonaut (@KAINONAUT)

I wanna see your style! Get out there and create something, pick up your pens and hit me with something stronger than a barrage of ora oras! Make some fan art of Jet Set Radio, King for Another Day, or both! You might just get shown off on this very page. That’s right, for the entirety of the 24 Hour Live Stream, I’ll be showing off some posts from you peeps, so keep your eyes peeled for any updates down below!

Want to show off your art? Just post it to twitter and slap on the hashtag #JSSxKfAD! You will be credited with your handle and a link to the post if shown on the Mojo. I recommend putting your creds on the image, too!

That’s all! Get out there and get drawin’, let me see what you got!

※Please note: Not everything is going to be shown, so please do not expect to see your work posted here. Also, featured art will have to strictly be about Jet Set Radio or SiIvaGunner/King for Another Day to be eligible. If you want to see/show more original or inspired works you may still use the hashtag. We highly encourage you to check out the original posts for better quality, and the hashtag itself to see what people are showing!

“drew a mew while listening to #JSSxKfAD radioooo. all day ive been playing it and cleaning the house and jazz. #jetsetradio”

Artist: @zichow4evr

“She’s still getting the hang of rollerblading #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @PNamako

#JSSxKfAD sick”

Artist: @Shelbi702

” What Dj Professor K said about mariya at the stream was so cute and beautiful,it was a surprice,a beautiful one for sure #JSSxKfAD #Siivagunner #kfad”

Artist: @temorinki

“I mean, I don’t think this would really count, but I did this Nico Nico 3D Model thing #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @JacketGuy2

“big ups to @GiIvaSunner for doing this 24 hour live stream, wanted to whip up a little sum’n for the occasion #JSSxKfAD #jetsetradio”

Artist: @tygerdoesthaart

#JSSxKfAD Holy shit the Pumpkin Hill rap was 🔥 🔥 🔥 !! I wish I knew who Professor K’s voice actor was, but whoever you are, you’re amazin 😃 👍 Thank you and thank you Silva Team!”

Artist: @Xlynna3

“I’m not too late to post something for the #JSSxKfAD art thing, am I?”

Artist: @Triforceriku_

“Ain’t over yet! (Royal) Family pic #KTakeover #SiIvaFes #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @AnoniMentero

#JSSxKfAD its late in the stream, but I just wanted to do my boi Johnny one more time before its over.”

Artist: @Mastuhpieces

“drew a mixer on the funk #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @brugman58

“Made a twitter just so I could reupload dis. #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Squingi1

“Looks like Johnny and the Doc are making their mark #JSSxKfAD #KFAD2 @GiIvaSunner”

Artist: @AmigoMonjo

“Man this damn stream it’s been so RAD YO,and as a tradition,I made a hakuko and donchan of course Amazing clothes designs made by @Wilde_boy2000 maybe i’ll draw some professor Ks later who knows heh #JSSxKfAD #Siivagunner”

Artist: @temorinki

This post has multiple versions!

“His day is here. He is the King. #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @yuuneey

“hope i’m not too late for this unbeatable funny #JSSxKfAD #KTakeover”

Artist: @SlamGrene

“This #KTakeover has been incredible, thank you everyone that made this possible. #SiIvaFes #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Sadrobotman

“This came in my mind whenever ain’t nothing like a funky beat rip came on the stream (bit messy might redraw this in digital) #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @rammyuni

“Jet Set Radio × SiIvaGunner stream happened so here’s a quick and funky drawing of my favorite two #JSSxKfAD #KingForAnotherDay”

Artist: @lizardreus

“Feeling funky, might get down later. Heard my personal favourite MissingNo. on JET! SET! RADIOOOOO! (very nice, go check it out) and just couldn’t resist. #JSSxKfAD #KingForAnotherDay”

Artist: @armed_glove

“Made a quick sketch of DJ Professor K and DJ Doctor K! I’ve been really enjoying the Jet Set Radio Livestream so far, and the K Takeover as a whole! Jet Set Radiooooooooo! #KTakeover #SiIvaFes #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Speed_Wielder

“everyone’s favorite second-place winner, in her funky fresh jet set get up ready to paint the town! #JSSxKfAD #KfAD #KTakeover”

Artist: @jules_gonzo

“Introducing Mariya Funkyuchi!! Coming to you live from the radio! Gotta get the 2nd placer in the groove too y’know? #JSSxKfAD #KFAD2 @GiIvaSunner”

Artist: @CyanimsYT

“I couldn’t help it and ended up doing 2 pieces.. #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @teddytedbert


Artist: @MagicSpaceBanan

“The Coolest Dudes in the town #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Alex_Glitch_

“for k day i drew one of my favorite kfad characters, weird al, with jet set radio like stuff. with no knowledge of the game outside of the ost. happy k day! #JSSxKfAD #KingForAnotherDay (original stock background by Coach)”

Artist: @CheezyVEVO

“Jet Set WMoD #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @CannoliCount

“happy k day! take a stylish pic of the one true #KingForAnotherDay , our professor himself, as you listen to the BEST bops on SIIVAGUNNER! #JSSxKfAD #FunkyFreshBeats”

Artist: @pokopakku

“Also here’s a pencil doodle I did. #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @AyyKyuu

“This is finally his day! #KTakeover #SiIvaFes #JSSxKfAD @GiIvaSunner”

Artist: @Shueisha64

#JSSxKfAD #jetsetradio Is you’re heart pounding with the beat?! Bow to the king! Save the Rips!! JET. SET. RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! 🎵”

Artist: @AgentMooka

“My drawing for DJ Prof. K Day! #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Ben_Punz911

“The Final four #KingForAnotherDay — King For Another day has been an absolutely amazing journey so far and the final four more than deserve their spot. May the best man (or woman or glitch pokemon) win the tournament and good luck for all teams.”

Artist: @Irisdescens

“Made a version with my watermark and username, if posting on the Mojo please use this version, thank you! #JSSxKfAD #KTakeover #SiIvaFes”

Artist: @Ghost_Nath

“I posted it before and I’ll post it again #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @LilShpee

“is it cheating to post this again? I don’t draw much anymore, but I’ve been hyped for K’s crossover for about 6 months and this is literally inspired by Jack Black’s rep from KfAD sooooo #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @erandoran

#JSSxKfAD As a huge fan of both Jet Set Radio and Danganronpa, I remember just how hype the matchup between the Professor and Law and Disorder was! Happy DJ K day, everyone! May your ears be blessed with funky fresh jams. #danganronpa #jetsetradio”

Artist: @Summusbackwards

“Funky Mixer is in the building #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @DaJackIsDumber

“heard this during the #KTakeover stream on Silva’s channel and had to sketch it out #JSR”

Artist: @NyuudouP

“Ayo shout out to the folk over at SiivaGunner hostin it’s Jet Set Radio live from Tokyo-to! #JSSxKfAD (It ain’t much, but it’s something!)”

Artist: @Blitz_Doodles

“Wha, i needed more time :p , anyways, Happy Jet Set Radio Day Everyone!! #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Alex_Glitch_

“PLEASE don’t tell me #JSSxKfAD is over I may have given up halfway through but there’s love on this thing”

Artist: @AnoniMentero

#JSSxKfAD Everyone’s gotta start off somewhere, wouldn’t you agree?”

Artist: @Corcairghorm1

“if we’re gonna be uploading MOJO art, then here’s a piece I did ago of my favourite contestant, Nico! #JSSxKfAD Stay groovy, y’all!”

Artist: @DrawaFuan

“Last minute submission time! A new gang seems to have appeared in the alleys of Tokyo-to! When interviewed, one of them said: “We’ll forget the instruments for now. Today’s jazz will be performed on a mixing table” #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @GhostaboArt

“Meanwhile at the Gaylord Hotel Cafeteria… The Funny Mixer™ serves the Funny Bear™ #KingForAnotherDay”

Artist: @ghostaboart

This post is animated! Check it out here:

“Hope i’m not too late for the #JSSxKfAD ! Anyway, here’s another artwork inspired by the #KingForAnotherDay tournament and, of couse #JetSetRadio”

Artist: @Colonelluizh

“Here’s my Contribution to #JSSxKfAD : Objection Funk! @GiIvaSunner @iteachvader @jetsetradiolive”

Artist: @somari_64

“Here’s ZUN, all decked out and ready to ride the waves! #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @asagimasmec

“i guess i could start using this account now, lol did a quick drawing of my 2 favourite (and short) contestants from KFAD, both newcomers! #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @circunflexonoa

#JSSxKfAD Drew the final 4 getting ready for the tunes of JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

Artist: @Tsomerandacct

“Lets put out some artwork for Jet Set Radio takeover! #JSSxKFAD @KAINONAUT”

Artist: @VeraFX81

“FEEL THE RHYTHM! FEEL THE LOVE! Hakuko and Don-Chan, decked out in their Jet Set Radio gear, ready to fill the streets with the beats! #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @wilde_boy2000

“Excited for the DJ Professor K takeover!!! LET’S GOOOO KING #JSSxKfAD #KingForAnotherDay #FunkyFreshBeats”

Artist: @gaiacksy

“For the love of god, please use this Cool Meme Team Jet Set sona made by my good friend Xxx_deathslaye_xx #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @The_Frotector

“Jet Set Vervine #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @whatvzze

“Yo! Wazzup Wazzup?? Yall ready for those wild and wonderful beats? This is my addition to the #JSSxKfAD art event. I cant praise the kfad team enough for their work during the tournament & the JSS gang for putting together a fantastic fan event! Im being spoiled honestly. 👑”

Artist: @KumaOniOni

#JSSxKfAD Overcoming my art block and lovehating my weeb origins Fun Fact I forgot to save often while making this, luckily nothing went wrong”

Artist: @SodaMindReader

“haha truck sex @GiIvaSunner #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @metalscissor

“Decided to Doodle these two buddies right here! Niko Niko and Don! hopefully I’m not late for this. [Separated Versions in Thread.] #JSSxKfAD

Artist: @Mibo_Draws