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Mr. Bean
Unregistered HyperCam 2
John Notwoodman

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That’s right! The talkative Scratch Cat Pokémon himself chimes in as the official interviewer of the King for Another Day Tournament! Taking a much-needed break from his misadventures with Team Rocket, he, alongside last year’s tournament winner Unregistered HyperCam 2, is here on the scene, interviewing all 32 contestants and asking them questions peppered with attitude. Make sure you don’t make him angry though, or Pay Day’s coming early!

Illustration: Count Cannoli (@CannoliCount) ft. Coach (@CoachArt_)

John Notwoodman

The esteemed and very nice >:3] CEO of King for a Day Tournament Enterprises once more lends the tournament his daunting presence! Though he has passed hosting duties off to Unregistered HyperCam 2, he will still be around to announce all matches in his signature reverberating voice, and will crown the one most fearsome challenger the King* for a Day!

(*or Kings, or Queen, or Queens, or Queen and King… or, uh… H-HOBaRT?)

Illustration: Keeby (@KeebyAstrokat)

Mr. Bean

Mr. Bean bumbles his way into the tournament! Representing British comedy and beans, you’ll have no words for the things this man can accomplish!

NOTE: It turns out that Mr. Bean entered himself into the competition without anyone’s knowledge or express permission, and furthermore, he has been grievously injured, and thus will not actually be participating. Please accept our humble apologies.

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Illustration: LarryInc64 (@LarryInc64)

Bonus characters will not participate in the tournament, but will be able to receive arrangements.