A King’s Regalia – Crown Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

helo every1 2day we hav a special guest!


You got that right HyperCam! Today we have one of the most fan requested interviews! Introducing the…. King for Another Day Crown!


So, why do you think you’ve been the most requested by fans to interview?

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Contract Negotiations – Daft Punk and Pharrell Reinterview (ft. Thanos)

Unregistered HyperCam 2

woww cant beliv it! votin is harder, erri1 is beter, tiem gos fastr n contestns get strnger!


What a wonderful and fitting introduction, HyperCam! We’re here with Daft Punk and Pharrell one more time for an interview! How are you feeling?

Thomas Bangalter

We’re feeling good! Well, for robots at least. This tournament is fun so far, we like it here!

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Fight The Power! – Metal Ajit Pai Reinterview

*Studio Gunner is shaking violently*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

meowth im scared i dont wana die


Calm down, buddy. We’ll just wait out this earthquake and hopefully it should come to an end soon. The Studio is built to withstand stuff like this so we should be fine.

*One of the ceiling lights falls*

…Okay, we should evacuate before anything else happens.

*As Meowth and HyperCam evacuate, they hear Ajit Pai and some other characters yelling at them*

Is that the best you could do, Chair Man!?

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Tongue Friends – Jack Bros. and The Jazz Cats Reinterview


Hey everyone! Welcome to another interview. Today we have The Jazz Cats and Jack Bros. over! Lemme ask you all how you’re feeling? You’ve won twice so far, that must feel pretty good, right?

Jack Frost

I’m r-hee-lly surprised by how well we’re doing so far, ho! I could’ve never seen this coming!


Me not understand what you mean by “Won”.


U-uh… Y-you guys won 2 matches so far… Y’know… In the tournament?


Me not… Me not know what you mean, Shiny Coin.

Unregistered HyperCam 2

0iq moth he is litrly drooling rn look at that


We’ll have the janitors clean that up…

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An Honorable Loss – Geno Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hai evry1 do u no th puppet man bcause were gonna intervew him now


…Yes. I hope this doesn’t go crazy… alright let’s get this over with. Geno, how… uh, how are you doing?



Unregistered HyperCam 2

woah geno u sound kinda weird u mayB shld get checkd out

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A Reluctant Duel – Snake and Rhythm Masters Reinterview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hello evry1, welcomm to anthr iintervww; hey uhh, wat abut teh drum



Unregistered HyperCam 2

ey drum wak up grab abrushh n put a lil wak up



Unregistered HyperCam 2

w8 snak did u put im to slep lik alll teh others

Solid Snake

Are you kidding me? There’s no way I could put this kid to sleep with a neck as big as his… if he even has a neck.

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Douga Douga Fridays – Nico Nico and Johnny Bravo Reinterview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

h3llo evry1 2day w r her3 wit j0nny bruhvo & niconico 4 da reintervuew


That’s right, folks! Now let’s see, Nico and Johnny, you bo-…Hey, what are you two doing?

*Johnny is seen staring at Nico’s display as she skims through several “Caution!! X Bounce!!” clips.*
Johnny Bravo

Whoa, mama! Now this is some programming that I could get behind.


Hey! Knock that off you two, and keep the content at an E rating will ya?! We’ve got an audience reading these interviews!

*Nico Nico turns back to her normal display.*
Nico Nico


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Food Frustration and Feuds

*A note has been taped to the front counter of the Gaylord Hotel Cafeteria:*

“hey guys, hobart is out of commission for the time being, so there’s gonna be a little food shortage for a bit. just wait until hobart is back in a few >:3]”

King Dedede

Huh? This is startin’ to look like a problem, Escargoon…

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Immaterial and Miss M Power – Mariya Takeuchi and ZUN Interview


It’s Round Three of the King for Another Day Tournament folks, and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s more interviews with yours truly!


We’re kicking it off with a double interview with Mariya Takeuchi, who just defeated Off the Hook, and ZUN, who just dropped down to the losers’ bracket after a defeat from Law & Disorder. Both of them are set to go up against each other to start off the next round. Welcome back, you two!

Mariya Takeuchi

Hello! It’s good to be here again.


Same. Before we start, do any of you happen to know why the Reimu doll I’ve been carrying around has a patched-up hole on her side all of a sudden?

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