Here they come… – Men in Black Interview

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helo every1! 2day we will be interviewing teh galxy defenders ajent j (played by will smith) and howard teh alien (played by a real alien) from mib! hey g could u make me a sandwich?




No! We have an interview to do! So Agent J, our first question is for you. Why did you join this tournament here?

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Men in Black

It’s rewind time! Agent J (played by Will Smith) and Howard the Alien are here to investigate alien activity! Facing all-new threats they’ve never seen before — and a few that they definitely have — the pair will need the best of the best of MIB tech to turn their opponents into slime. Neuralyzers in hand, they will stop at nothing to keep the public safe from all extraterrestrial threats… except for Howard. He’s cool.

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Individual portraits: Agent JHowardIllustration: Marrow (@mrmarowak), LarryInc64 (@LarryInc64), Alexander A. McDonald (@ColorFairie)