The Concept of Love Through Time and Space

I’ve always lived my life in fantasy
No chance to take, no heart to break
But now you take my hand and
you make me understand
that two dreams, can join together.

*Mariya sits by herself aimlessly playing chords on a guitar. Her final battle begins soon.*
DJ Professor K

Yo, yo! So this is what the girl in white does late at night when everybody else is sleepin’!

Mariya Takeuchi

Oh, hello Professor! Just… taking some time for myself.

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The Question on Everyone’s Mind

*As soon as the crown gets hit by the MF like button’s attack, it flies off! HyperCam reverts back to his normal form!*
Mariya Takeuchi

I think we did it! The MF like button really did the trick!

DJ Professor K

I think so too, great job every-

*HyperCam and the crown start falling!*
Mariya Takeuchi

Oh no! Quick, somebody catch him!

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Me Likey the Boom Boom


This thing is kick-ass!


Careful you don’t bust on that grind, dude! This thing’s huge!

Metal Ajit Pai

You goons get off of me this instant! This mecha costs more than your combined yearly salaries!


Shut up, boomer!


Ha! I get it! Cause he makey the boom-boom when he stomps!

*Beat, Yo-Yo, and Gum are grinding their rollerskates up and down Ajit’s mecha. Ajit tries to shoo them off unsuccessfully. Professor K sees the commotion from a distance and rushes up.*
DJ Professor K

What the hell? Is that who I think- ! What the HELL!?!?!? Y’all got your asses on the wrong continent!!!!

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Understand the Concept of Despair

*DJ Professor K is chilling outside the Gaylord enjoying a large strawberry fruit smoothie. He’s listening to bangers on his ol’ pair of headphones, bopping his head to the music.*

DJ Professor K

Bum ch-bum – bum – bum…

*Suddenly Monokuma appears. Professor K takes off his headphones.*
DJ Professor K

Well look who it is! Sup, bear.

DJ Professor K

…everything cool with you?

*Monokuma gives Professor K a devilish smirk, saying nothing*
DJ Professor K

…Somethin’ on your mind? Spill the beans.

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Party’s Over… ~ A Heart-To-Heart with Off the Hook

*Pearl is lying on a bean bag chair in the dressing room face-down. Marina walks in.*

Knock knock…


[muffled] What do you waaant…


Just wanted to check in. You okay?


[muffled] Nooooooo…


[sigh] I know, Pearlie… it’s hard for me too. I guess we just lost the following after last time, huh?


*Marina kneels by Pearl’s side. Pearl turns over to look at her.*

You’re honestly starting to worry me. You’re usually never this quiet.


…Why even bother? Why do I need to put in the energy to be angry? Why should I put in the energy to do ANYTHING anymore? 2nd place, 32nd place… it’s all the same JUNK! All our efforts up to this point, for what… NOTHING!


That’s not a healthy way of thinking, Pearlie… Do you have any idea how many people we make happy by just BEING in this tournament?


Do you have any idea how many MORE people hate our stinking guts because of everything we’ve done so far? People have been rooting for us to lose this whole time just because we came in 2nd last time! We’re Public Enemy Number One of the tournament, and look where it got us!

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Old Friends Reunite – Nintendo Power and DJ Professor K Reinterview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hey gys welcom wer gona tlk with teh K man and th N men now


(Cam that’s not what they’re…never mind.) Hello! Thanks for coming out again, and congratulations on winning your first matches!

Bill Trinen

Thank you!

Reggie Fils-Aimé

Always a pleasure.

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Mahi Mahi Riding The Bassline

*Mariya sits in the lobby of the Gaylord Hotel lost in thought. She was quite impressed with the music the Jack Bros. had started off with but didn’t expect to be so invested in the match’s results. The defeat wasn’t enough to lower her spirits, but the prospect of facing her next formidable opponent was looming in her mind. A spiky-haired figure makes his way towards Mariya.*
DJ Professor K

Hey, hey! If it ain’t the newest kid on the block!

Mariya Takeuchi

Oh. Why, hello there. I’m afraid we haven’t spoken before?

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