Party’s Over… ~ A Heart-To-Heart with Off the Hook

*Pearl is lying on a bean bag chair in the dressing room face-down. Marina walks in.*

Knock knock…


[muffled] What do you waaant…


Just wanted to check in. You okay?


[muffled] Nooooooo…


[sigh] I know, Pearlie… it’s hard for me too. I guess we just lost the following after last time, huh?


*Marina kneels by Pearl’s side. Pearl turns over to look at her.*

You’re honestly starting to worry me. You’re usually never this quiet.


…Why even bother? Why do I need to put in the energy to be angry? Why should I put in the energy to do ANYTHING anymore? 2nd place, 32nd place… it’s all the same JUNK! All our efforts up to this point, for what… NOTHING!


That’s not a healthy way of thinking, Pearlie… Do you have any idea how many people we make happy by just BEING in this tournament?


Do you have any idea how many MORE people hate our stinking guts because of everything we’ve done so far? People have been rooting for us to lose this whole time just because we came in 2nd last time! We’re Public Enemy Number One of the tournament, and look where it got us!

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Immaterial and Miss M Power – Mariya Takeuchi and ZUN Interview


It’s Round Three of the King for Another Day Tournament folks, and you know what that means! That’s right, it’s more interviews with yours truly!


We’re kicking it off with a double interview with Mariya Takeuchi, who just defeated Off the Hook, and ZUN, who just dropped down to the losers’ bracket after a defeat from Law & Disorder. Both of them are set to go up against each other to start off the next round. Welcome back, you two!

Mariya Takeuchi

Hello! It’s good to be here again.


Same. Before we start, do any of you happen to know why the Reimu doll I’ve been carrying around has a patched-up hole on her side all of a sudden?

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Mahi Mahi Riding The Bassline

*Mariya sits in the lobby of the Gaylord Hotel lost in thought. She was quite impressed with the music the Jack Bros. had started off with but didn’t expect to be so invested in the match’s results. The defeat wasn’t enough to lower her spirits, but the prospect of facing her next formidable opponent was looming in her mind. A spiky-haired figure makes his way towards Mariya.*
DJ Professor K

Hey, hey! If it ain’t the newest kid on the block!

Mariya Takeuchi

Oh. Why, hello there. I’m afraid we haven’t spoken before?

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Another morning gone… – Mariya Takeuchi Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

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Sorry things didn’t end so swimmingly with that last interview, hopefully I won’t have to be ringing up security like that again… But anyways, now we’re here live with our second contestant, Mariya Takeuchi! How are you feeling, Mariya?

Mariya Takeuchi

Thank you for the introduction, Meowth and HyperCam! I’m feeling alright, glad to be here.

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The Whims of Plastic Love

Arrangement: CrystalForce (@CrystalForce_)

Original: Plastic Love
Original Composers: Mariya Takeuchi, Tatsuro Yamashita
Original Performance (Sampled): Mariya Takeuchi
Source: Variety
Original: The Whims of Fate
Original Composer: Shoji Meguro
Original Performance (Sampled): Lyn Inaizumi
Source: Persona 5

Original Arrangement: Metalik (@Metalik_)

Mariya Takeuchi

Mariya Takeuchi, creator of the hit song “Plastic Love,” has made her way into the battle! Born in 1955, she is one of the oldest fighters on the roster, but we highly recommend that you don’t underestimate her. They say her music has the power to control the algorithm of life itself…

  • Sources
  • Rips featuring music by Mariya Takeuchi…
  • …or her husband, Tatsuro Yamashita
  • Rips related to/in the genres of city pop and future funk
  • Examples
  • Plastic Love, Yume no Tsuzuki, Shiawase no Monosashi
  • Ride on Time, Love talkin ‘honey it’s you’, Magic Ways
  • Urusei Yatsura opening/ending songs, MACROSS 82-99 tracks
Illustration: thefluffyslipper (@fluffySlipper1)