The Party – Part 3

Guy‑Manuel de Homem‑Christo

Thomas, je les ai trouvés.

Thomas Bangalter

Parfait. Alright, everyone, are you ready?

Pharrell Williams

Follow us, but don’t make any noise!

Mariya Takeuchi



…What are we doing again?

Mariya Takeuchi

I’m not sure exactly, just follow along!


I’ll be as sneaky as a mouse!

DJ Professor K

The squid girls just started jammin’ on the decks, that’ll be easier!

Dr. Robotnik

So, may I finally know what this ridiculous charade is about?


Shhhh, da-don!

Nico Nico


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The Party – Part 1

*On top of the roof at the Gaylord Hotel which has been decked out with a dancefloor, bar, and multiple places to lounge. Almost all of the contestants and a few guests are standing in front of an empty stage.*
Adam Levine

So, the hell are we standing around here for again?


Meowth requested all of us to be here Mr. Levine, don’t you remember?

Adam Levine

Oh yeah… well, the cat better hurry the hell up. I’m freezing up here.

Pharrell Williams

Hey, don’t worry Adam. I bet that cat’s getting everything in order, he’ll be out soon!


Excuse me, Mr. Williams… Is it just me, or do your team members appear to be missing?

Pharrell Williams

Oh yeah, they seem to have vanished… where did they go?

*Before anyone can say anything else, Meowth and HyperCam appear on stage.* Continue reading “The Party – Part 1”

McDonald’s is the Place to Rip


Hi, what can I get for you today?

Metal Ajit Pai

Hello! I would like one supersized Reese’s Cup McFlurry.


I’m sorry sir, we don’t sell Reese’s McFlurries.

Metal Ajit Pai

What? But I bought one here last week!


I’m sorry but it’s not something we serve.

Metal Ajit Pai

This is nutrageous! Get me your manager!


Yes sir.

*Moments later, an explosion can be heard.*

ice cream machine broke

Metal Ajit Pai

Understandable, have a good day.

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Me Likey the Boom Boom


This thing is kick-ass!


Careful you don’t bust on that grind, dude! This thing’s huge!

Metal Ajit Pai

You goons get off of me this instant! This mecha costs more than your combined yearly salaries!


Shut up, boomer!


Ha! I get it! Cause he makey the boom-boom when he stomps!

*Beat, Yo-Yo, and Gum are grinding their rollerskates up and down Ajit’s mecha. Ajit tries to shoo them off unsuccessfully. Professor K sees the commotion from a distance and rushes up.*
DJ Professor K

What the hell? Is that who I think- ! What the HELL!?!?!? Y’all got your asses on the wrong continent!!!!

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Fight The Power! – Metal Ajit Pai Reinterview

*Studio Gunner is shaking violently*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

meowth im scared i dont wana die


Calm down, buddy. We’ll just wait out this earthquake and hopefully it should come to an end soon. The Studio is built to withstand stuff like this so we should be fine.

*One of the ceiling lights falls*

…Okay, we should evacuate before anything else happens.

*As Meowth and HyperCam evacuate, they hear Ajit Pai and some other characters yelling at them*

Is that the best you could do, Chair Man!?

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Thanos Dance or da Harlem Shake fo today – Thanos Reinterview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

helo every1! welcom bak to teh kfad interviews! 2day we will be reinterviewing t hanos


That’s right! After his loss to Dr. Piccolo, he’s here to answer a few more questions for us! So, Thanos, how does it feel to be in the losers bracket?


When I lost my home planet Titan, I was devastated. But I did not succumb to weakness. I pushed harder. It was necessary to become the equalizer of the galaxy. This tournament is no different. Losing is a minor setback. That is all.

Thanos describing his loss of Titan in the interview room.
Thanos describing his loss of Titan in the interview room.
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