No One Wants to be Defeated

*Weird Al and Geno are outside the Gaylord, looking at the night sky.*

Well little buddy, the results of the next match should be out soon. If I lose to Johnny, I’ll be out of the tournament for good…


Do not worry, Al. I have no doubts that you will perform well in tomorrow’s bout. Bravo can make for quite the formidable opponent, but you’ve already demonstrated some truly impressive power yourself.

I just need to stay in this tournament. If I don’t…

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First Round Losers’ Support Group

*Curly walks into the meeting room, holding Quote’s hand in tow. Marina, Pearl, Paruko, Agent J, Geno, Pitbull, and Eminem are already settled in.*

… [You feel content.]

Curly Brace

Hiya, guys! Are we late?


Oh, not at all, we were just about to start.

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An Honorable Loss – Geno Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hai evry1 do u no th puppet man bcause were gonna intervew him now


…Yes. I hope this doesn’t go crazy… alright let’s get this over with. Geno, how… uh, how are you doing?



Unregistered HyperCam 2

woah geno u sound kinda weird u mayB shld get checkd out

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Lunch Break – “Weird Al” Yankovic Reinterview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hey every1 were live from studio gunner cafeteria


That’s right folks, behind us are where all of the competitors, guests, workers etc. have their lunch break.


Now I SHOULD be on my lunch break right now, but thanks to the Wario Partners delaying their arrival, I’m behind schedule. Gotta make up for lost time by interviewing during lunch at the Gaylord Hotel Caféteria.

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The 7th Star Piece – Geno Interview #2

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hell0 every1 2day we hab anothwr iterveiw wit gneo. say hi geeno!


Hello there! I’m glad to be back.


Before we begin, please ignore any background noise! Wobbuffett made a bit of a mess earlier and he and K.O. are cleaning it up right now.

Wobba wob…


Hiya everyone! Don’t worry, I’ll have this cleaned up for you in no time!


Ok K.O.! Now, Geno, how do you feel after your match against Weird Al?


I must say, despite the outcome, it was quite a fun bout! That “BEAT IT” fellow really gave Weird Al an edge. And not to mention that outstanding track of theirs, such a captivating melody!

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Don’t get Lost in The Forest Maze… – Geno Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

gud dae si1vagunnr fans. 2day we will b interviewing geneo from super maruo rpg. moewth i wana ask gen0 first,, how do u get thru the forrest maze? i wana kno


Can you provide us with an answer, Geno?


It’s super simple, you just follow the path turns!

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Returning from the stars, Geno blasts back into action! This denizen of Star Road has once again sensed his calling at this gathering of powerful rivals, and this time around, he’s brought lots of jams from a certain “higher authority” — let’s wish upon a star that this extra help will boost him straight to the crown!

  • Sources
  • Rips featuring songs composed by Yoko Shimomura
  • Rips featuring music from Super Mario RPG and the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series
  • Examples
  • Kingdom Hearts series, Street Fighter II
Illustration: iahtruong (@iahtruong)