The Party – Part 3

Guy‑Manuel de Homem‑Christo

Thomas, je les ai trouvés.

Thomas Bangalter

Parfait. Alright, everyone, are you ready?

Pharrell Williams

Follow us, but don’t make any noise!

Mariya Takeuchi



…What are we doing again?

Mariya Takeuchi

I’m not sure exactly, just follow along!


I’ll be as sneaky as a mouse!

DJ Professor K

The squid girls just started jammin’ on the decks, that’ll be easier!

Dr. Robotnik

So, may I finally know what this ridiculous charade is about?


Shhhh, da-don!

Nico Nico


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Star Gazing

*Curly returns to her room after looking around for Quote. She decides to lay down on a nearby chair.*
Curly Brace

Hmm… Wonder where Quote is, I haven’t seen him since last night…

*The door to the room opens and Quote steps inside.*
Curly Brace

Quote!! Where have you been?! I was starting to get worried!!


Curly Brace

So, are you ready to go see the others by the studio for the nightwatch?

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*The Gaylord Hotel’s night bar. Snake is at the bar, alone, drinking a beer.*

I’ve been for some time
Looking for someone
I need to know how
Please tell me who I am…

*Thomas sits next to Snake.*
Thomas Bangalter

Hello there. Mind if I sit here?

Solid Snake

Make yourself at home.

Thomas Bangalter

Good, good. What’s in this selection of wines… “1999 Château Backstab”? Never heard of it. Seems like a knockoff trying to sound French, but I can try at least. Garçon, could you please give me a glass?


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