The Party – Part 3

Guy‑Manuel de Homem‑Christo

Thomas, je les ai trouvés.

Thomas Bangalter

Parfait. Alright, everyone, are you ready?

Pharrell Williams

Follow us, but don’t make any noise!

Mariya Takeuchi



…What are we doing again?

Mariya Takeuchi

I’m not sure exactly, just follow along!


I’ll be as sneaky as a mouse!

DJ Professor K

The squid girls just started jammin’ on the decks, that’ll be easier!

Dr. Robotnik

So, may I finally know what this ridiculous charade is about?


Shhhh, da-don!

Nico Nico


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The Party – Part 1

*On top of the roof at the Gaylord Hotel which has been decked out with a dancefloor, bar, and multiple places to lounge. Almost all of the contestants and a few guests are standing in front of an empty stage.*
Adam Levine

So, the hell are we standing around here for again?


Meowth requested all of us to be here Mr. Levine, don’t you remember?

Adam Levine

Oh yeah… well, the cat better hurry the hell up. I’m freezing up here.

Pharrell Williams

Hey, don’t worry Adam. I bet that cat’s getting everything in order, he’ll be out soon!


Excuse me, Mr. Williams… Is it just me, or do your team members appear to be missing?

Pharrell Williams

Oh yeah, they seem to have vanished… where did they go?

*Before anyone can say anything else, Meowth and HyperCam appear on stage.* Continue reading “The Party – Part 1”

A Deathly Loss???

*It’s one day before the finals. Piccolo is sitting in his office, hopelessly looking through papers, brainstorming ideas of any other possible way to cure Goku’s Ligma virus.*
Dr. Piccolo

I can’t believe it. After all this damn work, all this time with my medical degree, and yet I fucking lost to a literal virus! How am I gonna tell Goku that I failed him? If a daily dose can’t cure him, what could?! THIS IS BULLSHIT! Kami, Nail, I know you don’t want to interrupt this, but could you at least give me some advice, I have no idea what to do here! (Sorry man, I really don’t know what to say.) (You will have the find that answer yourself, Piccolo.) GOD DAMNIT, WHERE?!?! WHERE COULD I POSSIBLY FI-

*The heart monitor in Piccolo’s office starts frantically beeping.*
Dr. Piccolo

God damnit, is this thing broken? I don’t even have any patients right now.

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Why Does He Wear the Mask?

*Weird Al, Dr. Piccolo, and Reggie are outside of a plane, about to board. Weird Al gives a briefcase to Dr. Piccolo.*

Dr. Piccolo, I’m CIA.

*Reggie brings three men with hoods over their heads. One of them is very very fat.*
Reggie Fils-Aimé

He wasn’t alone.

Uh, you don’t get to bring friends.

Dr. Piccolo

They are not my friends…

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The Crown of Destiny

It’s just another lunch break in the Gaylord cafeteria, and everyone’s got quite the appetite.

…and then Elmo said to Mr. Adam as he was leaving the hotel lobby, “It ain’t easy being Levine!”


WAAAHAHA! I hope the door didn’t hit him on the way out!

Dr. Piccolo

I would hope so…I took a look at his medical records and I don’t believe his insurance covers that…

Jack Black

Hey now, let’s not pile up on somebody when he’s not here to defend himself!


Waaaa…maybe he should have done better in the tournament then!

Jack Black

Hold that thought…I need to get a refill for my drink-

*Jack’s phone suddenly rings, and the “Take Off and Octagon” ringtone he just set on it reverberates throughout the cafeteria*
Jack Black

Hang on, I gotta take this. Elmo, you can keep these fellows company while I’m gone, right?


You can count on Elmo, Mr. Jack! Even more than the Count does!

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Summoning Satan

Mr. Satan

Gwaaaaahahaaaaaa- oof! P-please Mr. Piccolo, I was only jokin’! I-it was just a prank bro, I swear!

Dr. Piccolo

Oh no, you’re not getting away this time. I spent a decade studying medicine just to be upstaged by some idiot in a bathrobe? Well I’m going to put that degree to use. I know exactly how the human body is constructed, and I know how to take it apart piece by piece! SAY GOODBYE, MR. SATAN!


Did somebody just call me?

Dr. Piccolo

Shit, someone’s coming.


Sounds like it came from over there.

Dr. Piccolo

Hmm, it’s that other doctor. But who’s he brought with him?

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Brought to you by HETAP – Dr. Piccolo Interview 2

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hai every1. last tiem on dragn balls z we had a spicy intervew with teh figting piccol0 team


Uh, they go by Dr. Piccolo, HyperCam…but that’s right! Earlier in the first round, we held an interview with Dr. Piccolo. And after a swift victory in the first round, he’s decided to join us again for a round 2 interview! Only…he seems to be running a little lat-do you hear something?

*The door to the interview room is kicked clean off of its hinges and slams into the wall opposite. Where the door once stood stands a slightly sweaty, middle-aged man with an afro.*
Mr. Satan

Gwahaha! Forgive me for the property damage, but the fans do like a big entrance!

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The Daily Dose – Dr. Piccolo Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

hi evryone. it iz me, uh2, ur host. 2day we will b doing a check up with dr. piccolo. i hope i am ok.


I’m sure you’re ok HyperCam, we aren’t actually here to get a check-up, we’re fine! This is just a nice little interview, is all! So let’s get started! Dr. Piccolo, I heard about your friend, Goku, and his unfortunate case of Ligma. How do you feel about it? How do you plan on winning the tournament to cure him?

Dr. Piccolo

While Goku can be a little imbecile, he is also a good friend. Without him, Earth would’ve been blown to bits by now. Fuck you, Cell! I’m going to kick everyone of these contestants asses no matter what it takes!…Then I’ll treat them in my office later with my doses, daily.

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