It’s a Small World After All…

*Popoy is wandering around outside the Gaylord mumbling to himself.*

This pinche stupid fucked up shit is fucked up my ass. Puta madre, where does a motherfucker get some coochie around here, or some fucking boogie woogie god damn. This place is stupid. Stupid pendejadas stupid stupid puterias stupid stupid stupid…

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The Ultimate Interrogation of Ultimate Destiny

Unregistered HyperCam 2

helo u2b 2day im snoopingas usual on john notwoodman bc hes in a secret interrigation,, its some theif dud3 whos ben litterin cards all over da place or smth

*HyperCam shuffles around through the airvent, reaching a point where he’s able to see into the interrogation room.*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

cool, looks lik i dint miss the- WOA iz that neil cicierega???(oops sorrie cant be 2 loud im undrcover))

*John Notwoodman stands over the silent Neil, who is handcuffed to his chair.*
John Notwoodman

Well, it seems to be you have some explaining to do, Mr. Cicierega. One of our contestants have been telling us that you’ve been leaving these so called “Calling Cards” all over the place. Given what I’ve been told, they seem like bad news for the tournament and that’s not nice. >:3[

John Notwoodman

So, do you care to explain?

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First Round Losers’ Support Group

*Curly walks into the meeting room, holding Quote’s hand in tow. Marina, Pearl, Paruko, Agent J, Geno, Pitbull, and Eminem are already settled in.*

… [You feel content.]

Curly Brace

Hiya, guys! Are we late?


Oh, not at all, we were just about to start.

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A King’s Regalia – Crown Interview

Unregistered HyperCam 2

helo every1 2day we hav a special guest!


You got that right HyperCam! Today we have one of the most fan requested interviews! Introducing the…. King for Another Day Crown!


So, why do you think you’ve been the most requested by fans to interview?

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How To Cheer up a Snake

*Outside. It’s night. It’s cold.*

Look! There he is, da-don! Mr. Snake!


And he’s alone…


Yuck! What’s that smell?


He’s smoking a cigarette. It’s a grown up thing, don’t worry about it.


Smells nasty, da-don… he must not be very happy if he’s doing something that smells so yucky…

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The King for a Day Tournament

*The scene is the Gaylord Hotel’s night bar. Adam Levine is sitting in a comfortable chair. He’s on the phone.*
Adam Levine

…Yeah, Mickey, can’t believe I accepted their gig as contestant. Seriously, pitting me in front of literal cats and having them win is pretty humiliating.

Adam Levine

…Nah, they said they already had judges. I really wonder what kind of judges they were, I mean I have experience.

Adam Levine

…Yeah, thank God this tournament isn’t seen by millions. Just some nerds who were hating on me to begin with.

Adam Levine

…I mean, apparently it was the head honcho who wanted me in. But who cares about him? I lost immediately anyway.

Adam Levine

…Don’t worry, Mickey, I’ll be back soon. Nice. Thanks. See ya.

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A Secret Meeting

*Unregistered HyperCam 2 is sitting on the pier outside of the Gaylord hotel looking over the Potomac river. It’s dusk – the sun is about to set. He is browsing YouTube.*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

lmao bill wutz y dnt we invit u ur so cool

*The video starts buffering. The page crashes. Then the browser crashes.*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

o ok tim to get ths bread

*Unregistered HyperCam 2 looks around. No one is there.*
Unregistered HyperCam 2

hmmmm how we gona talk if i don no where u r

Unregistered HyperCam 2


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Understand the Concept of Despair

*DJ Professor K is chilling outside the Gaylord enjoying a large strawberry fruit smoothie. He’s listening to bangers on his ol’ pair of headphones, bopping his head to the music.*

DJ Professor K

Bum ch-bum – bum – bum…

*Suddenly Monokuma appears. Professor K takes off his headphones.*
DJ Professor K

Well look who it is! Sup, bear.

DJ Professor K

…everything cool with you?

*Monokuma gives Professor K a devilish smirk, saying nothing*
DJ Professor K

…Somethin’ on your mind? Spill the beans.

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HOBaRT Gets a Visitor

*HOBaRT lies in a hospital bed at the nearby HOBaRT maintenance center recovering from his recent battle. His metal casing is battered and warped. An IV pumps HOBaRT juice into his huge massive body.*

*A small plopping sound approaches. HOBaRT recognises it immediately.*


*The door swings open to reveal Isabelle holding a neat bouquet of flowers.*

HOBaRT! Wow… you really did take a beating, huh?




Well… I hope you don’t mind some company! I brought some flowers to lighten up the space. These maintenance factories can get awfully dull. There’s nothing like a little room decoration to brighten up your mood!



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Contract Negotiations – Daft Punk and Pharrell Reinterview (ft. Thanos)

Unregistered HyperCam 2

woww cant beliv it! votin is harder, erri1 is beter, tiem gos fastr n contestns get strnger!


What a wonderful and fitting introduction, HyperCam! We’re here with Daft Punk and Pharrell one more time for an interview! How are you feeling?

Thomas Bangalter

We’re feeling good! Well, for robots at least. This tournament is fun so far, we like it here!

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